15 Best Dorm Room Bedding Ideas
best dorm room bedding ideas

This post is all about dorm room bedding because we all know that the most important part of a dorm room is the bed! As a mom of college graduates, I’m here to help guide you through the essentials to make that dorm room bed as comfy as possible.

best dorm room bedding idas

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College move-in day will be here before you know it, so getting inspiration for your college dorm room bedding now is smart.

Here’s some quick facts about dorm room beds:

  1. Most dorm room beds are TwinXL which are longer than a standard twin bed
  2. You definitely want a mattress topper…comfort and cleanliness is the goal
  3. A beautiful comforter will make her room feel cozy and inviting

So, let’s get started!


Mattress Topper

dorm room bedding mattress topper

If you buy anything for her dorm room, a mattress topper is an absolute must. This will make her bed so much more comfortable and trust me, a lot of time is spent on dorm room beds. 

We purchased a mattress topper just like this one above, and it made me feel better that my son who is a college athlete would get a better night’s sleep. Don’t skimp on this item. Your daughter will be so grateful for a good topper.

I recommend a 3 or 4 inch topper to give maximum comfort. I wouldn’t even bother with the 2 inch topper. 

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dorm room bedding mattress topper

Some mattress toppers have straps to help secure it, but we have found that the topper doesn’t really shift around so the straps aren’t really that necessary. Most students are only in the dorms for 1 or maybe 2 years, so keep that in mind when shopping for the mattress topper…buy a good one, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on one.


Twin XL Mattress Protector

dorm room bedding mattress protector

Use this mattress protector as a safeguard.

I love that it has deep pockets and it provides the cleanliness factor to my child’s dorm room bed. It is soft, waterproof and you can easily throw it in the washer.


Twin XL Sheets

dorm room bedding sheets

Remember that most dorm room beds are twin xl in size. You certainly don’t want to get to move-in day and realize that your bedding doesn’t actually fit.

Purchase sheets that have extra deep pockets so that they fit snuggly around your mattress and the mattress topper. 

We have found that 2 sets of sheets is sufficient. If they have a friend/sister stay in the dorm room for an overnight, you can use the second set of sheets on a twin size blow up mattress. 


dorm room bedding sheets

These sheets have been named the Good Housekeeping Best Bedding Award Winner – Tried, tested, & named “Buttery Budget Buy” in 2023. You can’t go wrong with these sheets and they come in a variety of colors to choose from. 


dorm room bedding bamboo sheets

Have you ever tried sheets made from bamboo? My oldest son ordered a pair of bamboo sheets and they are superb.

Made from rayon derived from bamboo, these cooling sheets are moisture-wicking, breathable, keeping your daughter refreshed after a long day of studies and other commitments. These sheets come in 11 different colors.


dorm room bedding sheets with pocket

These sheets are genius! They have a side pocket so your girl can store her phone, earbuds, or other small items. I love this feature because it is so convenient for beds that are lofted. This side pocket provides a safe place to store some of her essentials so she doesn’t have to climb up and down from her loft bed as frequently. 


Satin Pillowcases

For a touch of extra comfort, these satin pillowcases are a really fun addition to your daughter’s dorm room bed.

dorm room bedding

My daughter absolutely loves the Kitsch Satin Pillowcase. She uses it for softer hair and skin and I love that it has the zipper opening. Isn’t the new toile de blue design so beautiful?

You can also choose from solid colors such as the popular blush or ivory.

dorm room bedding


Twin XL Comforter Sets

It’s all about creating a dreamy place for your daughter so she feels like she is home when she enters her dorm room. These comforter sets do just that!

I tend to lean towards neutrals because those stay in style and you can always add some color and personality with throw pillows. Keep in mind that many of these sets I’ve listed come in a variety of colors.

dorm room bedding comforter sets

Oh my gosh! These comforter sets from Laura Ashley are just too beautiful. I love the option of pink or blue and the set comes with one comforter and one standard sham.


dorm room bedding set

I was so excited to find this set for you. This adorable set Laura Ashley set has everything you need to make her dorm room bed feel like a piece of home. It includes the comforter, shams, sheet set and decorative pillow. I can’t believe the price either…what a great value.


dorm room bedding boho

This Boho comforter set is in style and includes 1 comforter and 1 sham. I love how it inspires the simple shabby chic design for those who embrace the chic boho vibe. Add a couple of decorative pillows and her bed will have all the comfort she needs.


dorm room bedding comforter set

The brushed microfiber on this dorm room essential comforter set offers an ultra-soft hand-feel and its smooth texture provides the coziness she wants. The texture on this comforter is so attractive.


dorm room bedding

The Modern Artisan Comforter from Pottery Barn Teen has so much texture and character to it. I love the soft blush color and for now they are currently running a limited time offer on this comforter.


dorm room bedding

This twin xl comforter set is so peaceful and comforting. The simplicity draws me in and I love buying a complete set so I can get the bedding checked off my list. This set provides the pillow sham, comforter, pillow case, fitted sheet, and flat sheet all for a very reasonable price point.


Duvets & Duvet Inserts

We live in the north where it is cold 9 months out of the year, so my daughter and I lean towards duvets. They are super cozy, warm and so easy to simply unzip the duvet cover and throw them in the wash.

So if your daughter is headed to school in the north, a duvet might be a great option for her.

dorm room bedding

This duvet is begging me to curl up for a great nap. I love the clean lines and simplicity of this duvet. It is super soft and luxurious and would be a happy haven for your daughter.


dorm room bedding insert

You can’t go wrong with a down alternative comforter. This one has 4 corner tabs to make it easier to put on the duvet cover. 


Throw Blankets

A throw blanket is a must. It looks super cute on her bed and it also is great for her to wrap up in during study sessions or just hanging out with her roommates. I think my daughter lives wrapped up in a blanket all winter long.

dorm room bedding throws

Can’t you just imagine melting in this luxurious throw? It measures 50″x60″ so it is big enough to wrap up in and it comes in 11 different colors. Like pink? It comes in that too!


dorm room bedding sherpa throw

Isn’t this sherpa pom throw from Pottery Barn Teen just adorable? I think it is the perfect pick for layering on her dorm room bedding and gives some added texture and fun.


dorm room bedding faux fur throw

This plush faux fur blanket is amazing! I think I want one for my bed this year.



dorm room bedding

Decorative pillows are my downfall. I love decorating with them. However, in a dorm room there is limited space, so take my advice and go with just one or two decorative pillows. Otherwise they will be hassle for your girl.


dorm room bedding

I hope you and your daughter have been inspired by this post and that it serves you well as you shop to make her dorm room bed the most comfy cozy spot in her home away from home.


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